UNICEF Day for Children

24 October 2014

This year UNICEF and other child rights organisations around the world celebrate 25 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. On UNICEF Day for Children, 22 October 2014, UNIC…

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WA Children's Week Opening Event

21 October 2014

We would like to say a big thank you to all of the families, entertainers and exhibitors who braved the wet weather on Sunday to celebrate the opening of WA Children's Week at Go for 2&5 Fa…

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WA Children's Week

03 October 2014

Meerilinga Young Children’s Foundation Inc. is proud to be celebrating 30 years of convening Children’s Week in Western Australia. WA Children’s Week Ambassador Fairy Queen Caroline continu…

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Circle of Security with Parenting WA

30 September 2014

In collaboration with Parenting WA Meerilinga Dads in the Early Years will be conducting a series of workshops for fathers to help them grow their relationship with their child/ren. Facilit…

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Nature Play with Meerilinga

26 September 2014

Meerilinga staff were very lucky to attend a Nature Play Solutions Personal Development Day on 15 September 2014. Learning all about how to achieve positive play with children by using the …

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Beechboro Children and Family Centre

25 August 2014

Meerilinga is excited to announce that our Children and Family Centre in Beechboro has been rigorously assessed and rated Exceeding National Quality Standards by the Australian Education an…

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Road Safety with SDERA

19 August 2014

Early years education on road safety, is very important, that is why Meerilinga runs the 'Smart steps Program from SDERA' at all our centres. Evidence shows that the most effective time t…

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We are now on Facebook

18 August 2014

Meerilinga has joined the world of social media and is now on Facebook. Make sure you 'like' our page to keep up to date with all of Meerilinga's Services, events and workshops. Click on th…

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Natural Play at Woodvale

15 August 2014

Thanks to the wonderful support of Lotterwest Grants Meerilinga has been able to revitalise our Woodvale Children and Family Centre play areas to become a nautral playgrounds.  Natural …

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Working with Dads in Kununurra

13 August 2014

The 'Working With Dads' professional development training visited the far north town of Kununurra Monday 4 August. Dads in the Early Years program leader Gary Segal facilitated the training…

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