Children & Parenting

Meerilinga programs and services value and respect children and promote positive childhoods by observing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.  Programs are responsive, accessible and culturally appropriate for each community we serve.  Educators plan programs based on the individual and unique qualities of each child through play based experiences.  Children's social learning occurs through their interaction, communication and resilience to the actions of others, enabling high self esteem and an understanding of their own worth.

Meerilinga promotes positive parenting through integrated services such as resources, home visiting, telephone support and advice that is informative, researched and delivered in a friendly and caring way.  Staff build relationships with families so that as their needs change and children grow, their support develops too.  Mums and dads are fundamental to the nurturing of children, and our services encourage their participation.

Local community groups are helped to be self-sufficient and self directed to promote local solutions and innovations.