Diploma of Children's Services

Course Code: CHC50908


This qualification covers workers in children's services who are responsible for planning, implementing and managing programs in early childhood services, in accordance with licensing, quality assurance and duty of care requirements. At this level:

  • Workers have responsibility for supervision of other staff and volunteers
  • In most states it is the highest qualification required at director or service manager level for children's service centre-based care.

Entry Requirements

Pre-requisites from CHC30712 Certificate III in Children's Services, 11 compulsory units plus CHCCN305B Provide care for babies or show a recognition process.

Occupational Titles

♦ Authorised Supervisor (Children's Services) ♦ Centre Manager (Children's Services) ♦ Childhood Educator ♦ Children's Advisor ♦ Children's Service Director/Manager ♦ Early Childhood Educator ♦ Children's Services Coordinator ♦ Director (Children's Services) ♦ Group/Team Coordinator/Leader (Children's Services) ♦ Program Leader (Children's Services) ♦ Child Development Worker ♦

Fees and Charges 2014

Units of Competency

Unit Code

Unit Title

Cluster 1

Health, Safety and Quality

CHCCN511B Establish, and maintain a safe and healthy environment for children (core unit)
CHCIC501B Manage children's services workplace practice to address regulations and quality assurance (core unit)

Show leadership in the workplace (elective unit)

Cluster 2

Play and Development

CHCFC502A Foster physical development in early childhood (core unit)
CHCFC503A Foster social development in early childhood (core unit)
CHCFC504A Support emotional and psychological development in early childhood (core unit)
CHCFC505A Foster cognitive development in early childhood (core unit)
CHCFC506A Foster children's language and communication development (core unit)

Cluster 3

Creativity and Development

CHCFC507A Use music to enhance children's experience and development (elective unit)
CHCFC508A Foster children's aesthetic and creative development (elective unit)

Cluster 4

Program Design

CHCPR502E Organise experiences to facilitate and enhance children's development (core unit)
CHCPR509A Gather, interpret and use information about children (core unit)
CHCPR510B Design, implement and evaluate programs and care routines for children (core unit)

Cluster 5

Behaviour and Inclusion

CHCIC510A Establish and implement plans for developing cooperative behaviour (core unit)
CHCIC511A Implement and promote inclusive policies and practices in children's services (elective unit)
CHCIC512A Plan and implement inclusion of children with additional needs (core unit)
CHCORG611C Lead and develop others in a community sector workplace (elective unit)

Cluster 6

Family and Community Support

CHCRF511A Work in partnership with families to provide appropriate care for children (core unit)


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