Lunch Box World

Lunch Box World was a resource produced by Meerilinga Young Children's Foundation to provide information about healthy lunch box food to parents and teachers.

The resource aimed to help parents to choose suitable foods and prepare and store those foods to keep them safe and appetising in the lunch box.


  • Choosing healthy and tasty foods for children, and keeping your child's lunch box food safe.
  • Why some children don't eat their lunch at school, and what you can do to make lunch box food more enjoyable for your child.
  • Much of the information in the guide to lunch box food was also useful for older children and adults who take packed lunches out of the home.


These materials contained learning experiences that are designed to excite students about the every day experience of eating lunch at school.

Experiential activities provided...

  • As a model and a catalyst to enable teachers to develop and design learning experiences that are relevant and meaningful to their students and will enable the students to demonstrate the learning outcomes of the Curriculum Framework for Kindergarten to Year 12 Education in Western Australia.
  • To support the development of concepts related to the Health and Physical Education, Science and Technology and Enterprise learning areas as well as requiring the application of literacy and numeracy.