Children need to have regular drinks at school every day.

Drinking is especially important:

  • During warm weather
  • Before, during and after active play and sporting activities.

Water is the best drink for children at school

  • Pack a bottle of cool water.
  • In warm weather, try filling a third or half of the bottle with water and freezing this overnight. Top up with refrigerated water in the morning. This way, your child has cool water to drink all day long.

If your child refuses to drink plain water

  • Try diluted fruit juice or diluted cordial.
  • Children taking part in high levels of physical activity need more fluid and may be more likely to drink more of a flavoured drink.
  • Energy drinks are not suitable for children because they contain high levels of caffeine.

Other drinks

  • These drinks are not a substitute for water. Pack a bottle of water every day even if you include other types of drinks.
  • Small UHT milk
  • Small frozen milk drink
  • Small 100% fruit juice.