Taste Bubs is an integral part of Meerilinga’s action research work for children and families in our community, enhancing the work Meerilinga is already doing to improve childhood nutrition. It builds upon the Lunch Box Buzz book and Lunch Box World website, an established source of accurate nutrition information for parents, teachers and carer’s of preschool children.

Central to Taste Bubs themes around food are three key messages:

  • Every child is unique (every parent is unique too)
  • What you do makes a difference (parents are important)
  • Good nutrition makes a difference to your child’s life (lifelong)

The aims of the project were to:

  • To give parents an insight into how their baby experiences food and feeding.
  • Enable parents to develop a feeding relationship based on trust.
  • Build on parents’ understanding of their child’s development, eating skills and behaviours.
  • Empower parents to understand and cue in to the differences between their child and others.
  • Build parents’ confidence about starting solids and moving from solids to family foods.
  • Encourage parents to engage with the long term goal of growing a healthy eater and their vital role in that journey.
  • Provide an informal forum for parents to find information and share their experiences and concerns about feeding their child.

The Taste Bubs journey began as a pilot research project, funded by the Telstra Foundation and working a number of Children Health Nurses and families living in the Fremantle area.

The research showed that fussy eating, food refusal, poor food selection and limited preferences among toddlers are some of the main parental and Child Health concerns. The goal of the Taste Bubs pilot was to develop and test a resource to help parents of very young children to: understand normal development of eating behaviours; encourage enjoyment of healthy eating; prevent the development of eating difficulties, and; reduce nonnutritious food preferences.

A summary of the initial findings is available for download here [PDF 584Kb].

Taste Bubs was funded by the

The Australian Government's Department of Health and Ageing