Toddler Tucker

Toddler Tucker is a federally funded pilot program aimed to improve Aboriginal Health outcomes within 3 pilot areas (City of Swan, City of Cockburn and The Beagle Bay community in the Kimberley).

The program is primarily aimed at families and carers of toddlers (1-3 years). The development of the program includes a suite of resources that can be delivered in a variety of settings in line with the needs of the participants.

The program is designed to have trained facilitators (health care workers, playgroup leaders, parents etc) deliver the messages to small groups. Toddler Tucker aims to improve the knowledge and skills of parents and carers to feed their toddler well in order to “Grow em up strong”. 


Alongside good nutrition other key messages are also promoted such as role modeling, dental health, hygiene, food safety, movement, messy and fussy eating, using allied health, grow and make your own food. These messages will be delivered in culturally appropriate ways.