Family Pack

Welcome to the Family Pack distribution program.

Family pack is a sampling bag filled with everyday household items. The pack includes product samples, a magazine titled Australian Family Magazine and other information relating to family life. It can be distributed twice a year around March – April and October – November. If you agree from time to time Family Pack Services may offer you additional samples.

Distribution through your service is designed to be fun, informative and of social benefit to Australia’s Children’s Service Providers and you are helping our organisation too. With every pack which is distributed, Meerilinga receives a small financial return so that we in turn can improve our services and facilities for families and children.

Family Pack Services Pty Ltd is a company established to distribute the Family Pack sample bags. They have partnered themselves with some of Australia’s largest manufacturers to bring you quality of goods you see in the Family Pack. Family Pack is a private company based in Melbourne, it operates sampling activities along with publishing the Australian Family Magazine.

Updating Your Details

Remaining up to date has been made easy, please complete or update your details online. You can withdraw your participation by advising such in writing to the CEO, PO Box 1177 West Leederville WA 6901. Due to the timing of distribution your cancellation may take effect after a distribution order has been sent through to Family Pack Services Pty Ltd.

Your Obligations

By agreeing to be part of this program you undertake:

  • One or more of your staff will hand one Sample Bag to either one adult parent or one adult guardian of each child upon collection of the child at the end of the day or days on which the Members distribute the Sample Bags. Under no circumstances will a Sample Bag be given directly to a minor by staff.
  • Not to seek or accept payment for the Sample Bags or offer to any person or entity for resale.
  • Staff distributing Sample Bags to the parents and / or guardians will explain that the Sample Bags are complimentary and that the parents and / or guardians are under no obligation to accept the Sample Bags.
  • You must distribute the Sample Bags and Samples in the same condition as they are received and not tamper with, alter or deface the packaging or contents of the Sample Bags or the Samples.

Thank you for your Support. 

Please note: Only Western Australian enquiries are managed at this site, for other contact details please contact Family Pack Services Pty Ltd, telephone:(03) 9819 6777; fax:(03) 9819 6733.

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  3. I wish to withdraw participation in the Family Pack initiative

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