Census Dates

What is a Census Date?

Census Date is the last date a student can withdraw from an enrolment in an individual subject without incurring financial liability for the course fee.

How are Census Dates determined?

Each unit of your study has a unique Census Date. The Census Date is calculated at 20% of the duration of a unit.
For example:
  1. A unit starts on the 21 October and ends on 8 April. You will have completed 20% of the unit on the 24 November, the Census Date is 24 November.
  2. A unit starts on the 21 October and ends on 8 December.  The duration of the unit is shorter, therefore you will complete 20% of the unit sooner, the Census Date is 31 October.

How to find your Census Dates

On confirmation of your enrolment you will be issued with an enrolment invoice which contains information about your course costs and census dates. The census date for each course unit is disclosed. You can confirm your unit census dates by contacting us on 9489 4022.

Census Date and Withdrawing from a Course/Unit

Whether you are studying a Certificate or Diploma, you will need to withdraw from a course or unit by the Census Date to obtain a refund. Withdrawal from a unit prior to the Census Date will receive refund of tuition fees and pro rata refund of resource fees, if applicable.