High Wycombe Friday – Little Bubs Chat & Play

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Join our High Wycombe Friday Playgroup – Little Bubs. Perfect for those with babies under 1 yr, meet other new parents in your area. Build friendships, develop support networks, play and discover together. Enjoying age appropriate activities based around learning through play. Playgroups are a great taster for children heading into kindergarten or child care. As your child develops, you can easily transition them into the early learning program right next door.

Meerilinga can also provide support and connect you with other organisations based on your family’s needs.

Location: Meerilinga High Wycombe, 104 Edney Road, High Wycombe WA

Membership is $30 per term per family with one child and $35 per term per family with more than one child.

View our Playgroup Handbook and Membership Guidelines.


Meerilinga High Wycombe


Friday 10:00am - 11:30am
During School Term


Hila Berman
9377 6724
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