Meerilinga’s Early Learning Philosophy is based on the belief that children deserve the right to grow and develop. Far more than just child care, each child in our program is viewed in a holistic manner and individual needs and interests are shared and built upon to ensure positive learning experiences for every child in line with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). The children in our care learn through play, therefore we encourage and support their learning and development by being involved, supportive and available. Meerilinga adopts vigilant a Child Safe Environment Policy. Click here to view our Child Safe Environment Policy

Preparing our preschool aged children for kindergarten, we value each child’s unique culture and celebrate diversity. We believe children learn through developing strong, nurturing and respectful relationships so that they feel confident to take on challenges, make friends and learn about the world in which they live. We want to nurture in children a sense of wonder and appreciation for the environment through providing a variety of experiences for them to choose and explore at their own pace. For more information on our Sustainability Policy click here and to learn about Meerilinga’s Sustainability Action Story click here.

Our Early Educators are motivated and dedicated professionals who participate in professional development opportunities to enable quality practice to be maintained as part of our continuous improvement. Educators work in partnership with family members and the community. We encourage and welcome families’ participation in the program, open communication and the sharing of information. All information shared with Educators will be treated respectfully and in the best interests of children.

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If you’re looking for a child care centre, you should consider looking for the better alternative of our early learning program. For more information about our Early Learning Programs, please take a look at our Family Handbook.

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