Our policies at Meerilinga have been created to establish boundaries, guidelines, and best practices for acceptable behavior in our centres. Being honest and transparent with employees, families and all other stakeholders in our community, ensures we all have the same expectations of services offered.

educational program and practice
Quality Area 1

Pets and Animals in the Environment                                  Open for feedback

childrens health and safety
Quality Area 2

Child Safe Environment Policy                                                     Open for feedback
Toileting and Nappy Change Policy                                           Open for feedback
Nutrition and Beverages Policy                                                      Open for feedback
Sleep and Rest Policy                                                                   Open for feedback
Medical Conditions Policy                                                             Open for feedback
Health, Hygiene and Infection Control Policy                       Open for feedback

physical environment
Quality Area 3

Sustainability Policy                                                            Open for feedback

how does meerilinga show exceeding with staffing arrangements
Quality Area 4

relationships with children
Quality Area 5

Relationships and Interactions with Children Policy                               Open for feedback

collaborative partnerships with the community and families
Quality Area 6

Enrolment and Orientation Policy                                                   Open for feedback
Relationships and Partnerships with Families Policy               Open for feedback

governance and leadership
Quality Area 7

Complaint, Concern, Grievance Policy                                       Open for feedback
Management of Local Services Policy                                        Open for feedback