Sing your way to Road Safety – with SDERA’s Smart Steps

The age old problem of getting your children (and yourself – you are your child’s role model) to wear helmets when riding could be a distant memory once you introduce these catchy tunes into the mix! Children LOVE to sing and whether we like it or not, everyone agrees that a catchy tune will get […]


Saying Yes to Reconciliation Saying yes to reconciliation and understanding has been a big focus of our team at Meerilinga in 2017/18 and as a team we made a public commitment to Aboriginal reconciliation by creating a Reconciliation Plan (RAP). We have been working towards ensuring our community is inclusive and has a real understanding […]

Meerilinga Training College expands to Ballajura

After an overwhelmingly positive expression of interest to move our Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care to Ballajura, the decision has been made. Locals who want to study childcare in Ballajura will now have the opportunity to become qualified to work with children after they study childcare from the convenience of their own […]

Harmony Week 2018 – what’s it all about?

Harmony Week Celebrations March 2018   In 2003 Western Australia became the first state in our nation to celebrate Harmony Week. The week long program of events is held each year to recognise our state’s rich cultural diversity and evolved from the United Nation’s Harmony Day or anti racial discrimination Day. The event came about  […]

Is your five-year-old still bedwetting?

Your five-year-old still bedwetting? At the start of each school year the National Continence Helpline is inundated with calls from concerned parents whose five-year-olds still wet their bed. With holidays now over, now may be a good time to re-visit the issue. If your child still wets the bed occasionally at age five, it’s a […]

Is your child getting the early education they need?

Results of the government commissioned “Lifting Our Game” report (2017) have just been released, clearly highlighting that ‘early childhood education is an investment’ – a knowledge that has guided Meerilinga for over 100 years. The report found that ALL 3 year olds should optimally be involved in quality early education 15 hours per week, with statistics showing […]

Grandparents outdated carers?

Parenting, who did it better, you or your parents? A recent outing to the movies to see Swinging Safari – the new Aussie comedy featuring Kylie Minogue and Asher Keddie – had everyone reminiscing about their childhoods and wondering – quite fondly – how we survived, so when the following article showed up in our […]

How do I prepare my child for their first day at pre-kindy?

What are your best tips to ensure the first day at pre-kindy doesn’t turn into a disaster? Some children can’t wait for the first day, others will cling to our legs and throw themselves across the door frame resisting all attempts to pry their hands from your body (check parents with older children to see […]

Meerilinga closes for the holidays

Please note that all Meerilinga locations will be closed for the holiday season: COB Friday 22 December 2018 – reopening Monday 8 January 2018. We wish you all a safe and happy break with your loved ones and look forward to seeing you all again in 2018. If you need support during this time please […]

Why is it so important to teach children Pedestrian Safety?

We often teach the children in our care a lot about pedestrian safety. This applies to their travelling to and from kindy/school, to friends houses or even just playing out the front at home. A huge part of a child’s development involves simply walking around their neighbourhood, familiarising themselves with their environment and encouraging independence. […]

Connecting Families in Bullsbrook changes venue!

Dear families, Just a quick reminder that during Term 1 in 2018, Connecting Families in Bullsbrook will be relocating to the Ethel Warren Community Centre due to the refurbishment of Lowery Park Hall. We hope this doesn’t inconvenience any of our families. The service hopes to be operating out of Lowery Park Hall once again in […]

Technology and Children.

PROFESSOR DONNA CROSS – CHILDREN’S WEEK PRESENTATION What is your opinion on young children  flat screen technology? How does technology affect the way children develop and learn? It’s a big question the topic of our seminar for Early Childhood Professionals during Children’s Week WA attempted to answer. The event – hosted by Professor Donna Cross […]


Who moved my year? Who indeed! ELP CLASS FINISH DATE MEERILINGA Well Christmas is upon us, from the carols in the supermarket to the lights on the trees the silly season has begun.  Before your calendars start to fill up we thought we would jump in with some important dates to remember for ELP!  Firstly […]


Meerilinga Ballajura opens a new new learning program for Pre-Kindy children in 2018. The State’s much loved champion for the rights of Children Meerilinga is set to make a splash in Ballajura in 2018 and beyond. The original advocate for children in WA has reinvigorated the local Children and Family Centre opposite the Aquatic Centre […]