5 Tips for the Terrific Twos!


Toddler development from 2-3 years is truly tremendous. In what feels like the blink of an eye, our children begin stringing small sentences together and telling you what they’re thinking. They are trying and mastering new skills as they experience big, complicated feelings and learn how to manage them.

What can you do to help them through this stage? Here are our 5 favourite tips for the terrific twos!

  1. Try to see the world through their eyes

Did they want the blue cup, but you gave them the red one? You monster! At this stage of life, our terrific two-year olds are completely immersed in their feeling brain – meaning our grown-up reasoning and logic often doesn’t work. While we don’t have to agree with our toddlers, imagining the world through their eyes is a great way to build connection and (hopefully) cooperation!

     2. Be silly.

Rekindle that inner child. Dancing to the car is a lot more fun than walking. Try putting on your shoes as a robot or hopping to bed as a kangaroo. Injecting a little bit of colour and laughter into your routines could make life a little sillier and also a little smoother!


    3. Encourage independence

“I DO IT MYSELF!”  At this stage of development, our tremendous two-year olds are actively seeking their own independence. Try giving your child opportunities to help with small chores and personal tasks. Not only is this a great way for them to start slowly building their independence but is also crucial for their confidence and sense of self.

    4. Make observations

Young children learn best through kinesthetic learning – in other words, by doing! Making observations of their learning activities can help them understand what happened. By acknowledging the effects “wow, you tipped the cup upside down so all the water came out!” you can move on to the important part, teaching.

    5. Play based learning

Some of the best things you can do for your toddler is let them learn through play-based activities. Playing with others teaches children how to make friends, developing their communication and physical skills and prepares them for life. In 2021, Meerilinga is launching the Bindi Kindi Toddler Program. Let your Terrific Toddler learn through play in two x three-hour sessions a week. The Bindi Kindi Toddler Program runs from Beechboro, Coolbellup, High Wycombe and Kingsley locations. Find out more today!


About Meerilinga

At Meerilinga we believe in a balanced approach to teaching and learning. Our play-based ethos encourages children to wonder, ask questions and to explore the world around them. In 2021, Meerilinga is launching the Bindi Kindi Program for children aged 2-3 years. Meerilinga also offers an established Early Learning Program for children aged 3-5 years, focusing on play-based learning in an engaging, nature-based environment.  Find out more today!