Balancing Virtual and Real Life

Balancing Act

Balancing Virtual and Real Life for your tween or teen is tricky when they are becoming increasingly connected online.

A Pew Research Center study reveals 95% of teens use a smartphone with 45% saying they are online ‘almost constantly’. In addition, technology can also pose serious risks to including cyber bullying, trolling and potential for inappropriate relationships. Despite the many benefits technology can bring, young people still become more attached to their screens and out of touch with others directly around them.

What can parents do?

Parents can try to incorporate more connection into everyday life to balance their screen time with these ideas. 

Active Transit

Photo by Arek Adeoye on Unsplash

Balancing virtual and real life can be as simple as promoting walking, cycling or catching the bus to school. This will encourage movement and is much better for the mind than sitting in traffic.

Make the most of Outdoor Activities

Photo source Wikimedia Commons

Take breaks from the screen the whole family can enjoy! Head outside for a bike ride, a picnic or a trip to the beach. Outdoor activities are not only balancing virtual and real life but are cost free!

Start a Sport

Image source Wikimedia Commons

Team sports promote many psychological and social benefits . Joining a club or organisation can help your child’s self -esteem and promote connection through working with others. Not only will team sport give your child a break from the screen, it will have a huge impact on their well being. 

Be Active in the virtual world

You can have your cake and eat it to! Find apps and online games that get you moving. Think Pokemon GO or Just Dance!

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