Changes to Payment of Early Learning Program Fees

Dear Families

Changes to Payment of Fees
The new Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package effective 6 April 2020 will replace the Child Care Subsidy and the Additional Child Care Subsidy. This is effective until the week ending 28 June 2020. No fees will be charged to families during this time. The $50 Admin Fee for returning children and new enrolments during this time will be waived until further notice.

Attendance information of children who attend our Service will be recorded each day. Families will be provided with a statement of sessions attended. Placements will be prioritised to provide care of essential workers, vulnerable and disadvantaged children and previously enrolled children.

Families receiving Additional Child Care Subsidy
If a family’s current ACCS determination continues past the end of the above package period, they will return to ACCS entitlement. If however, this determination expires during the period, our service will need to apply for determination to ensure ACCS continues to flow when the system returns to normal, that is: Child Care Subsidy.

Absences from childcare
Whether a child is ill or not and does not attend care as part of the family’s own precautionary measure against potential contact with COVID-19, families have access to 62 allowable absences in the 2019-2020 financial year, rather than the 42 allowable absence days without the need for families to provide documentation such as a medical certificate.
Absences will not be counted during the Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package period. (commencing 6 April 2020). If a child is absent on their last day of enrolment in the period between 23 March and 28 Jun 2020, any CCS received by the Service will not be recovered.

We sincerely thank families for remaining enrolled, we miss you and look forward to the safe return of your family soon.
Warm regards