Children’s Week in Meerilinga’s Early Learning Programs

As Meerilinga prepares to celebrate Children’s Week, it’s the perfect opportunity to share the ways our Early Learning Programs embed this years Article 12. We recognise children’s potential to contribute to decision-making processes, communicate perspectives, and participate as citizens and change agents.

Children’s views are respected and acknowledged, and as such they are consulted when Educators make decisions that affect them. We take children’s opinions into account and acknowledge them as active participants capable of expressing their views and feelings.

Meerilinga acknowledges that children are the experts in their lives and in the experiences we provide. While this isn’t always be easy, it’s an important part of our philosophy. It’s also a foundation of our practice to listen to and acknowledge the voice of the child.

This ensures Meerilinga’s programs are child-centred educational programs that are responsive to each individual’s knowledge, strengths, ideas, culture, abilities and interests. (NQS Element 1.1.2).