Dads in the Early Years

From May to August, Meerilinga Dads in the Early Years has introduced a series of 2-hour information and discussion sessions on the subject of engaging dads. The sessions are being held at our six Children and Family Centres and are suitable for services staff and volunteers. The next three will be at Cockburn (Mon 1 June), Kingsley (Thu 14 July), and High Wycombe (Thu 11 August), all from 9.30 to 11.30 am with morning tea available for participants on the way in. The shorter duration of these session provides an alternative for services staff who may not be able to attend the one-day “Working With Dads” training, the next one of which will be held in Currambine (Tue 14 June).

The first part of the session focuses on providing information on the Dads in the Early Years service, the resources we have been developing and also resources that are available from elsewhere. I talk about the research we have done on the interaction of dads and services, especially on what dads are looking for at the family services they use. I use a short PowerPoint, but mainly with images and more to stimulate discussions for the rest of the session.

Objectives of the session include:

  • Recognise the value of fathers to children, especially in providing secure attachment
  • Appreciate the desire of most dads to actively participate in the raising of their children
  • Understand issues unique in working with fathers
  • Acknowledge own strengths of working with dads – whether female or male
  • Obtain ideas about how your service can engage and involve dads more
  • Increase awareness of the range of types of services and resources available for dads

Booking forms for both the 2-hour information sessions and all-day training sessions can be found at the Dads in the Early Years pages of our website.