DijiRed visit to Meerilinga Training College

Meerilinga Training College students looking at their new laptops from DijiRed

Our Meerilinga Training College students met with Iva Fraser from DijiRed last week and received five refurbished laptops to assist with their studies!

DijiRed is a not for profit organisation that recycles donated digital devices and passes them on to students in need. DijiRed started in early 2020 as Western Australia went into lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many students had to switch to online learning, but some families struggled to afford this change. Without access to computers at home, these students could have fallen behind in their learning.

“We wanted to help these students gain access to digital technology,” Iva explained. “If they are all on equal footing then they can have a good start.”

DijiRed’s aim is to recycle, repurpose, and educate through their Laptops for Students initiative.

“It’s about removing the barrier of technology that can prevent students from progressing” Iva said. “These laptops would normally end up at the tip – we refurbish and give them a new life and then they go to a student”


Thank you DijiRed for partnering with Meerilinga Training College and our students!

If you would like to donate, volunteer, or learn more about DijiRed, head to their website.