Festive Tantrum Fixes – Tips for Surviving the Holiday Period

Festive Tantrum Fixes

With the festive season approaching there is a good chance there are some pretty major throw downs in store. Children tend to have meltdowns when they feel emotionally overwhelmed and with all the excitement of Christmas there are certain to be some crackers. The good news is that there are a few things that you can do to reduce the chances of the good old fashioned holiday meltdown with our festive tantrum fixes

Talk to your child

Set your child up for the day by explaining what to expect. Where you’re going, who you will be seeing, where they will nap etc. If they know what to expect then meltdowns caused by something unexpected can potentially be avoided.

Limit sugar

It’s true that we all tend to overindulge during the Christmas Period, but sugar and children can be something else. The words ‘bouncing off the walls’ might sound familiar. While it’s fine to loosen the reins over the festive period, it’s a good idea to make sure they are still getting enough of those healthy foods and water too.

Diversion Tactics

While there is a chance that the red fit your child is throwing won’t last long, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Diverting their attention with a quiet time activity may be the answer. Pack activities like a favourite book, playdoh or colouring in so that they can have some quiet time away from the noise and bustle of holiday visits.


There is always a lot going on over Christmas, but it’s important not to stretch yourself too thin. Kids thrive on routine, so letting them miss that one nap might be all it takes to cause pandemonium. Make sure you try to stick to their nap times. Even if the nap is in a different location and slightly shorter than they are used to. Down time is an important part of that routine.

Pack an emergency comfort kit

If a meltdown does happen make sure you’ve packed your child’s security toy to comfort them while they’re stressed. Younger children are still learning how to cope with their emotions which can be heightened with all the excitement of family, Christmas and Santa so tantrums really are inevitable. At the very least their comfort items from home will help them to feel safe while they calm down.

Finally, sometimes all your child needs is a reassuring hug and kiss from Mum or Dad. Make sure that in all the chaos you’re still checking in with your child to see that they’re enjoying the festive period as well. But, having some festive tantrum fixes is always a good back up plan.