Getting Kids in the Kitchen

Cooking is a fun, tactile way to engage young children. Getting kids in the kitchen also helps to develop essential life skills while promoting social, mental and physical health. So, grab your apron and your utensils and learn more about the benefits of creating a yummy meal with your child!


Cognitive Development

Children can benefit from making food choices and preparing meals as it builds resilience and decision making skills. Cooking encourages young people to solve problems and be creative by giving them the opportunity to use knowledge such as counting, measuring, weighing and following instructions. You can encourage this learning by letting your child prepare the food.


Build mathematics and language skills

Additionally, cooking allows kids to practice basic math and language skills. Counting eggs in the carton or pouring water into a cup are basic ways you can help your child develop math skills. You can also read recipes together to encourage conversation and learn new words. Find some other jobs for children to do in the kitchen here.

Gain confidence!

When you encourage your child to make food choice they gain confidence and the ability to make decisions for themselves. You can boost your child’s confidence by honoring their efforts in the kitchen. Show them their work was important by naming a dish after them!

What about picky eaters?

Getting kids in the kitchen can be hard with picky eaters but allowing them to get involved in cooking can open them up new foods, tastes and experiences. Allowing your child to prepare the food they eat gives them confidence and encourages them to try new things. Try talking to your child about what they are cooking, the ingredients they are using and how it will help their bodies grow!



Remember to have fun with your children in the kitchen! It is important to make meal time a positive experience. Meal times are an important social time and are a place where children develop important eating behaviors. Take time to sit down with your child during meals to create a relaxed environment.


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