Meerilinga Young Children’s Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity that promotes the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child; working with children, their families, early childhood professionals, planners and the community to raise the status of children in Western Australia.

Meerilinga’s association with children dates back to 1911, to the pioneers of the kindergarten movement and the early learning advocates for children’s interests in this state. See history time line here


meerilinga heritage building on hay street
Pictured – the historic Meerilinga House in Perth


Meerilinga has been promoting positive childhoods for over 100 years in Western Australia. Since inception our focus has been on the importance of children, family, and the community and this remains the core of what Meerilinga does today. Meerilinga began as the Kindergarten Union of WA in 1911 and the Kindergarten Training College was established in 1913.

In 1922 Meerilinga Kindergarten and Sub-Primary School opened at Meerilinga House, 1186 Hay Street, taking its name from the Hay Street building. The meaning of the word Meerilinga is not defined but it is thought to be derived from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island language Meeri = distant, Linga = thunder.

In 1989 Meerilinga Young Children’s Foundation Inc. was established with Meerilinga Council and WA Children’s Week under its charter.

In 2003, Meerilinga House and property was sold and Meerilinga relocated to its current location in West Leederville in 2006.

Today Meerilinga remains an advocate for Children. Our classrooms now are focused on delivering quality and affordable Early Learning Programs for children aged 2 and a half to four across Perth and we continue to help families with our parenting courses, playgroups and support groups. *Learn more about the importance of early learning programs for children here

Our proud tradition as the trusted teacher of the educators of our youngest Western Australians continues. Meerilinga’s Training College runs Certificate three course in Early Childhood Education and Care as well as The Diploma of Early Childhood Education with the courses now being run at three of our centres making it easier for students to attend.

Meerilinga remains the convener of Children’s Week in WA. This national week of celebration, championing the rights of the child is tightly aligned with the very core of our organisation which is all about ‘promoting positive childhoods. * What are the benefits of a positive childhood ? Read here.

Learning through play
Promoting positive Childhoods at Meerilinga