Meerilinga Volunteer, Grace, Turns 100!


Meerilinga is thrilled to wish Grace Alexander, a former Kindergarten Teacher and Meerilinga Volunteer, a very happy 100th birthday!

“In a century that’s witnessed two World Wars, the landing of the man on the moon, and a myriad of world-shaping events, Grace Alexander has lived a full life which has seen her live in a number of countries – including both the northern and southern hemispheres.”

Grace was born in Dumfermline, Scotland in 1920. She was the middle of three sisters, all of whom went on to qualify as teachers after being spurred on by their father who was a great believer in education for girls – this instigated her own interest and passion for education throughout her life.

After World War II, Grace and her husband moved to Nigeria where they had two daughters, before settling in Western Australia. Grace worked as a Kindergarten teacher at Hollywood and City Beach kindergartens, with an additional stint spent in the Pilbara.

Settling in Cottesloe, Grace spent her later years volunteering for Meerilinga as well as the Dyslexia – SPELD foundation of WA. Grace first started volunteering with Meerilinga in 1978 at the Early Education Library, until 1979 – when the Library was taken over by TAFE WA. She then came back  in 1990 -1997 and volunteered for Meerilinga Young Children’s Foundation which was located in the Old Meerilinga Building Hay Street West Perth.

Grace’s daughter Christine, said her mum loved children throughout her life and retained her staunch passion for education.

“Mum never lost her zest for education instilled by her father.”

Grace celebrated her recent 100th birthday joined by family and friends.

Happy birthday Grace and thank you for your contribution to Early Childhood Education and children in Western Australia!

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