How do I prepare my child for their first day at pre-kindy?

tips to get your child ready for pre-kindy

What are your best tips to ensure the first day at pre-kindy doesn’t turn into a disaster?

Some children can’t wait for the first day, others will cling to our legs and throw themselves across the door frame resisting all attempts to pry their hands from your body (check parents with older children to see the scars for yourself!!). Over the years as both educators and parents, our Meerilinga crew have seen many ‘remedies’ for first day nerves.

The main trick is to head them off at the pass by making the learning environment an extension of your home and ensuring there is a positive buildup to ground zero. This gorgeous little poem to read to your child the night before they join us is perfect addition to your arsenal! All you will need to add is a little bit of sparkle to put in a bowl or bag and your biggest dose of enthusiasm to make it complete.