The Five Best Summer Playgrounds in Perth


18 summers. That’s how many summers you will get with your baby before they’re all grown up and fly the coop. 18 summers of playing, laughing, running around outside and living your best life together. Here’s a guide to our top five summer playgrounds in Perth to maximise some of those joyous summer days with your little one.

Ivey Watson Playground, Kings Park

Perth’s Kings Park is home to the Ivey Watson Playground. The playground is for children under the age of six and houses the Stickybeaks Café. With a surrounding fence for added security, there are a number of exciting features in this playground. Children can become firefighters battling a blazing fire in the fire engine. Pilots ducking and weaving through the sky in the jet. Or they can simply enjoy the rush from zooming down the slide and going as high as a kite on the swings. The added bonus of this playground is that it is set in the beautiful Kings Park. This means there are lots of other playgrounds to explore (Naturescape is also a good one), not to mention the beautiful trees and botanic gardens.

Whale Playground, Scarborough Beach

The new Whale Playground in Scarborough was a part of the bigger renovation of the beach front promenade. The grassed area to one side allows for family picnics, while the playground in itself is amazing. Children will be able to climb, swing, slide and explore to their hearts content with a life sized whale skeleton, cubby house and plenty more. The playground is partially shaded and also features wheelchair and pram access. Definitely not one to miss, this playground was inspired by stories from Noogar culture in which the belief is that a whale will beach itself at the end of its life so that it can return an ancestors spirit to the land.

Hyde Park Water Playground, North Perth

The Water Playground at Hyde Park is another fantastic Perth playground. Covered by shade sails, the playground features different coloured water fountains for children to play under on those hot summer days. The kids will love running underneath the bigger fountains, waiting with anticipation for timed sprinklers to begin again and splashing around with the other families making the most of the park. The Water Playground is open from November until March and is next to plenty of trees and a big gazebo making it an ideal location for a day out. It’s also a fantastic alternative to the beach or pool on those balmy summer days.

Shorehaven Treasure Island Adventure Playground, Alkimos

Located in Perth’s north, the Treasure Island Adventure Playground is a nature playground suitable for children of all ages. There are climbing frames, slides, a giant turtle, a pirate ship, a whale and plenty of exciting nautical themed play areas for children to explore. The kids will be able to become salty sailors, fearsome pirates, intrepid explorers, or brave adventurers! If that’s not their cup of tea, they will can have some time out to relax in the low swung hammock. Next to the playground a huge grassed area leads down to the beach and is perfect for running around. As an added bonus there is also a great café for a mum or dad to get a caffeine boost.

Sculpture Park, Mundaring

Heading inland, and the Sculpture Park in Mundaring is our final tip on playgrounds to hit this summer. In 2016 the playground had an overhaul and it now features a massive climbing frame, slides, a nature section and rope walk, lookout tower, and sand pit. The brightly coloured sections contrast with the wooden nature play areas and are sure to harness your child’s imagination.

We hope you get out and enjoy these summer playgrounds in Perth!