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Science in Early Learning

Creating a Vibrant Future! It’s National Science Week in Australia! And there are many reasons why we should talk about Science in Early Learning.  Science in Early Learning is important as it allows little people to understand the world around them and develop skills to shape a Vibrant Future. It also helps them to develop […]

What to look for in an Early Learning Program

How to choose an early learning program to suit your family Deciding on the right early learning program for your child is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a parent. There are many different types of programs available and as such choosing which best fits your needs can be difficult. To help, we’ve […]

Meerilinga High Wycombe Open Day – Meet your Neighbour

Come along to our open day and see everything that Meerilinga High Wycombe has to offer. Meet our fantastic educators and tour the facilities. When: Saturday, 2nd March Time: 10am – 12noon Contact: Hila via or phone 9454 7198 for more details.

Harmony Week 2018 – what’s it all about?

Harmony Week Celebrations March 2018   In 2003 Western Australia became the first state in our nation to celebrate Harmony Week. The week long program of events is held each year to recognise our state’s rich cultural diversity and evolved from the United Nation’s Harmony Day or anti racial discrimination Day. The event came about  […]

How do I prepare my child for their first day at pre-kindy?

What are your best tips to ensure the first day at pre-kindy doesn’t turn into a disaster? Some children can’t wait for the first day, others will cling to our legs and throw themselves across the door frame resisting all attempts to pry their hands from your body (check parents with older children to see […]

Why is it so important to teach children Pedestrian Safety?

We often teach the children in our care a lot about pedestrian safety. This applies to their travelling to and from kindy/school, to friends houses or even just playing out the front at home. A huge part of a child’s development involves simply walking around their neighbourhood, familiarising themselves with their environment and encouraging independence. […]

Technology and Children.

PROFESSOR DONNA CROSS – CHILDREN’S WEEK PRESENTATION What is your opinion on young children  flat screen technology? How does technology affect the way children develop and learn? It’s a big question the topic of our seminar for Early Childhood Professionals during Children’s Week WA attempted to answer. The event – hosted by Professor Donna Cross […]

Ballajura Early Learning Program open morning

From 22 January 2018, we are opening a brand new Early Learning Program (ELP) at Meerilinga Ballajura! Based on the successful framework of our five established ELPs, we invite you to two open mornings to see it for yourself.   Experience how the sessions will be run, ask the curriculum designer about the activities the […]


Meerilinga Ballajura opens a new new learning program for Pre-Kindy children in 2018. The State’s much loved champion for the rights of Children Meerilinga is set to make a splash in Ballajura in 2018 and beyond. The original advocate for children in WA has reinvigorated the local Children and Family Centre opposite the Aquatic Centre […]

Kingsley ELP 2018 enrolment information session

Find out more about the early learning program for 2018 at our ELP parent information session. Ask any questions you may have while you meet the educators and other families attending. Where: Meerilinga Kingsley, 48 Peregrine Drive Kingsley When:  November 7, 6:30pm – 7:30pm No bookings required.

Want to win a $100 gift card?

High Wycombe and Cockburn Early Learning Program Enrolment Competition There’s never been a better time to enrol your child in the Early Learning Program at either the Meerilinga High Wycombe or Cockburn Children and Family Centres. At the end of Term 1, 10 lucky families from each of the centres will win a $100 gift voucher. How do you enter the […]

FREE Trial Day at Meerilinga Cockburn

When we are looking to find an Early Learning Centre for our children, it’s important to remember that their happiness is the most important factor to consider. At Meerilinga, while we know that you will be impressed by our nature play based activities and energetic teachers that are leading the way in early learning education […]

FREE Trial day at Meerilinga High Wycombe

One of the most important things many of us forget when we are looking to find an Early Learning Centre for our children is that their happiness is the most important factor to consider. At Meerilinga, while we know that you will be impressed by our nature play based activities and energetic teachers that are […]

Learning about Dental Health

Our Early Learning Program and Kadadjiny Playgroup enjoyed a visit from Altone Dental last week. They gave a demonstration on the importance of brushing your teeth along with the correct techniques to keep them sparkling clean. The children had a fantastic time using the model to have a go at brushing the fake teeth. Every one also received […]

Road Safety for Young Children

Last week at our Woodvale Early Learning Program we were visited by Kevin, the crosswalk attendant from the local school. He talked to us about how to cross the road safely, then we practiced what we learnt on the bike track in our garden. Later we learned about how to safely ride in a car, […]