CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care – Traineeship

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CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care 2020 Day Release & Block Traineeships are coming to Meerilinga!

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Why employ a trainee?

Employment of a Trainee has many benefits in the Early Childhood Education and Care Industry. An employee who is industry trained has greater job satisfaction and is easily recognised for exceeding performance.  Enrolling in a traineeship motivates individuals to provide quality education and care services which promote a professional organisational culture.

The State Government Employer Incentive Scheme supports employers in the engagement of a Trainee.



Getting started, how do I become a Trainee?

You must be employed in a training contract within a regulated early childhood education and care service to study under a traineeship with Meerilinga Training College.

For in depth information please read Government of Western Australia Department of Training and Workforce Development Apprenticeship and Traineeship Policy.

Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Providers will give support services and advise tailored to the needs of the Employer and Trainee throughout the life of the traineeship.

There are various Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Providers (AASNP) providers MTC generally work with:

The Apprenticeship Community
Address: 1-9 Tanunda Dr, Rivervale WA 6103
Phone: (08) 6165 3362


How much will it cost?

Calculating fees based upon the VET Fees & Charges Policy for an enrolment in 2020 for a non-concession student in a CHC30113 the half price cost will be a maximum fee of $1255.50 (capped at $1200 if all units started in one calendar year).

For an approved concession holder, the half price fee will be $372, provided all units are commenced in 2020 or 2021.

Lower fees, local skills — Course fees reduced for 2020—21. The WA State Government has halved course fees for 34 targeted vocational qualifications –

The Student tuition fees are indicative only and are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. Additional fees may apply such as Student service and resource fees.


Are traineeships included in the half price fees?

Yes, the qualification CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care is on the list for Lower fees, local skills and available as a traineeship, which means as a trainee you or your employer would be eligible for the half price course fees.


Am I eligible for the Fee Cap?

The “Fee Cap” means that if eligible as a non-concession, concession or aged between 15 – 24, you will not pay more than a certain amount in any one calendar year.

Course fee caps are set at different amounts, depending on the level of qualification and whether you are entitled to receive a concession rate or are aged between 15 – 24.

Through the Lower Fees, Local Skills initiative, all eligible CHC31003 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care students are offered:

  • Students aged 15—24 years of age are eligible for the youth fee cap of $400 for all units commenced per calendar year in 2021 and 2021;
  • Concession holding students are eligible for the reduced fee of $372 if all units are commenced in 2020 and 2021;
  • Secondary school-aged students are eligible for the reduced fee of $420;
  • Non-concession holders are eligible for the non-concession fee cap of $1200 for all units commenced per calendar year in 2020 and 2021.


Am I eligible for a concession rate?

Please contact Student Support Services who will be happy to discuss your individual circumstances and entitlement to a concession rate on the half price course fees.

Call 9489 4022 or email


What qualification do I need to work in early childhood education & care?

Under the National Quality framework all educators required to meet the relevant ratios at the service must have, or be actively working towards, at least an approved certificate III level education and care qualification.

Reference: ACECQA 2019, Qualifications for centre-based services with children preschool age or under, viewed 26 November 2019,


Are Resource Fees half price as well?

The half price rates apply only to course fees. Resource fees will continue at the standard rate.


Why choose Meerilinga?

Meerilinga Training College (MTC) supports the vision and mission of Meerilinga Young Children’s Foundation Inc. in promoting positive childhoods.

MTC delivers a number of key benefits including a well established and innovative training delivery model, supported by sustainable business systems and structures.

Init Meerilinga has extensive experience and has earned a solid reputation working within the Early Childhood Education and Care industry.

We currently operate Early Learning Programs in six metropolitan Children and Family Centres ensuring our staff have current working knowledge of best practice in the Early Years Learning Framework.


We provide:

  • Qualified professional staff and facilitators with industry experience
  • Industry expertise in the areas of early childhood care and education, primary education and recreation care, health and nutrition
  • Responsive and flexible in meeting Trainee needs including payments, course structure, delivery and support
  • Recognition of Prior Learning processes, which provide evidence of competency in a holistic manner
  • Consultancy and professional development available, tailored to individual needs
  • Support Services


Where and how can I study?

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Student Support Services staff can assist you with all study-related matters and are located at our West Leederville location.

Contact Student Support Services
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm
Contact: phone 9489 4022 or email


Resource Fees

Course/Tuition Fees do not include the cost of recommended reading materials for your course. These can be purchased separately by the student through an external provider. Please note if purchased externally, they must be the correct edition and be purchased before the commencement of your studies. See below for resource information. Please note: students who cannot obtain a current copy of the recommended reading materials will be able to access the recommended text from the Class Set in the Student Library. These books cannot be taken home.

Recommended Reading Resource

The Early Childhood Educator for Certificate III, 2e Revised
By: Lorraine Walker
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Australia
Print IBSN: 9781760423377

This resource is available to purchase online for a RRP of $99.95. You can purchase the resource directly from retailers such as Booktopia, Zookal & Jekkle. For those that prefer digital media, an eBook version is also available.